The Business Council’s primary purpose is to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of life in the communities within our county. We have chosen to focus on those areas that have the most influence on that quality; education of our citizens, crime, homelessness, planning for community growth and ensuring ancillary services such as transportation are properly addressed. Each of these areas has a distinct focus.


Provide active engagement in the infrastructure initiatives contemplated by state and local governments, including transportation, water and local/regional planning.


Provide leadership, oversight and financial support in the pursuit of enhanced educational opportunities for the citizens of San Joaquin County. Continue to focus on the education of our youth. Thanks to generous donors and collaborating organizations A+ was created and continues to work toward the goal of attaining a county of literate residents who possess knowledge and the skills to compete in today’s economy. San Joaquin A+ over the years has been able to reach more than 50,000 children and their families throughout the county since it’s inception in 1996. A+ leadership has changed but the mission of the organization is to continue to enhance educational opportunities for our youth.


Monitor ongoing efforts by government, nonprofit and business communities in addressing the problem of homelessness in our area. Offer assistance and insight when appropriate. Ensure plans developed are thorough and are regularly measured for effectiveness.


Monitor the status of crime within the County; review current approaches to crime reduction and offer input where appropriate. Convene members of the business community with law enforcement, city and county officials to ensure communication is strong among all stakeholders. Current focus includes the proper implementation of Measures A/B (sales tax to combat crime in Stockton).

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